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Kiwi researchers look at drone use in disasters

Flood Early Warning Systems Leave Women Vulnerable

Glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs) pose an immediate threat to locations in mountain regions where rising temperatures contribute to glacier melt. This risk makes it crucial that communities at risk to GLOFs develop early warning systems (EWS) to alert residents of impending danger. In order for EWS to be effective, gender needs to be prioritized. In a recent paper published by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Mandira Shrestha et al. evaluated…


Kiwi researchers look at drone use in disasters


Canterbury University and Yokohama National University are working on developing technologies to enable the use of drones for search and rescue in large scale emergencies.

Dr Graeme Woodward, from Canterbury’s Wireless Research Centre, says the drones could potentially triage casualties by flying formations over disaster areas.

Among the Yokohama researchers is Professor Ryuji Kohno, who Dr Woodward says has significant expertise in body area networks (BANs).

BANs are interconnected devices that are either implanted, attached or carried on the body.

Examples are sports applications where…






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