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Sendai indicators ‘only the beginning’

Funding to improve natural hazard resilience

Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee has today announced $889,000 of funding grants to boost New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards and their consequences.

Mr Brownlee says the grants are awarded from the 2017 Resilience Fund, an annual fund of $889,000 administered by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM).

Nine councils and organisations from Northland to Southland have been awarded grants this year.

“The projects include training programmes, tsunami preparedness for schools and early childhood centres, improved waste management in emergencies, and planning for specific hazards, such as a rupture of the Alpine Fault,” Mr Brownlee says…


Sendai indicators ‘only the beginning’


The UN General Assembly resolution marks a key step for assessing losses in disasters and progress in reducing their impacts (Photo: Japan Red Cross Society)

GENEVA, 3 February 2017 – There was resounding support yesterday in the UN General Assembly for a resolution which saw indicators adopted for measuring global progress on reducing disaster losses and a revision of terminology related to disaster risk reduction.

The resolution was co-sponsored by 61 UN Member States almost two years after the adoption of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, at a World Conference in Sendai, Japan, and the indicators are designed to aid measurement of progress in achieving the Sendai Framework’s seven targets.

The resolution was adopted as countries and civil society organisations prepare for the 2017 Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction which will take place in Mexico from May 22-26.

The adoption of the indicators gives a significant boost to efforts to meet the first deadline under the Sendai Framework which is to have a substantial increase…


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