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Four ingredients of a resilient charity

Beth Williams: Four ingredients of a resilient charity


When I worked for a youth charity, developing personal resilience was considered essential to helping ensure bright futures for young people. A resilient person is one who has the mentality to take challenges in their stride. For individuals, resilience is measured by the speed with which they can bounce back from psychological stress. It’s easy to see how instilling this in someone who is starting out in life equips them with a coping mechanism to handle whatever life throws at them…


TRADOC symposium highlights resiliency efforts

Senior leaders from across the Training and Doctrine Command gathered Jan. 19 and 20 to learn about and discuss the latest Ready and Resilient, or R2, program initiatives.

The purpose of the two-day symposium was to present leaders with a series of interrelated R2 topics designed “with improving readiness by emphasizing the importance of mental, physical, physiological and emotional factors in sustaining resilience,” said Tony Del Valle, R2 program lead for TRADOC.

Briefs were presented on several topics, including Soldier for Life, Holistic Health and Fitness and Army Community Service to ensure leaders were aware of all the components of the R2 strategy and the tools at their disposal.

The Army published the Enduring Personal Readiness and Resilience operations order in November, which outlined the strategy of providing R2 capabilities…


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