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The Key to Medicine Resilience Is Continued Access for All Americans


Themes of resilience, identity and survival resonate at IAF

The perennial quest for one’s identity, stories of resilience and struggling for survival is an underlying theme that is resonating the make-shift walls at the sprawling venue of the India Art Fair here.

Conditions from across Nepal as well as the world around are being represented in the heart-wrenching artworks of six contemporary Nepali artists by the Nepal Art Council from Kathmandu.

Resilience for Nepalis can perhaps be best showcased in their fight to survive in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the Himalayan kingdom in April 2015, and it is only natural that the calamity has…


The Key to Medicine Resilience Is Continued Access for All Americans

A critical foundational element of any effective health care system is ensuring access to proper care. However, this is something many take for granted. Another element we take for granted? That life-saving medicines will be there when we need them. We live in an era of antibiotics, vaccines and other life-sustaining medicines, and we should not forget that they are fundamental to our communities’ resilience and protection before, during and after a natural disaster, outbreak, or emergency event.

In health care and emergency preparedness we typically focus on what happens in the aftermath of an event, but…



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