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What you’re doing wrong to prepare for natural disasters

Red Cross disaster-response training set

Disaster-response training has been scheduled next week for Omaha and Council Bluffs volunteers who want to help during natural disasters and severe weather.

The American Red Cross’ shelter training program is described as a short course that will educate volunteers on how the Red Cross prepares for a shelter operation during a disaster…


What you’re doing wrong to prepare for natural disasters

If your first instinct when hearing of a storm approaching is assuming it won’t be that bad, you need to rethink your strategy.

Unfortunately, storms, earthquakes and a whole range of other catastrophes are inevitable in certain regions, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the brunt of it. Along with being physically prepared, including stocking up on flashlights and bread, those in disaster-prone areas (and even those who don’t think they are) must be mentally prepared, said Howard Kunreuther…


Philippines: 2016 Highlights of Displacement and Effects Snapshot


Philippines: 2016 Highlights of Displacement and Effects Snapshot


Natural hazards and disaster events affected more than 10 million people in the Philippines in 2016. El Niño and tropical cyclones topped list of events with significant impact. For the first seven months of the year, El Niño contributed to several hundred million dollars in crop losses across the country, impacting the production of rice, vegetables and high-value crops. Thousands of farmers and their farmlands were affected. As the country entered typhoon season, drought gave way to tropical cyclones. Seven of the 14 tropical cyclones that entered or were formed in the Philippine Area of Responsibility made landfall. Typhoons Haima (Lawin) and Nock-Ten (Nina) in the last quarter of 2016 damaged over a half…





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