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Scientists have finally figured out what caused the largest volcanic eruption in human history

Scientists have finally figured out what caused the largest volcanic eruption in human history

Indonesian volcano Toba produced a cataclysmic eruption that devastated the region 73,000 years ago. Monstrous volcanoes like this are called supervolcanoes, and sometimes their impacts are so huge, they can cause global climate change.

Now, scientists may have worked out what triggers them to blow in a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The Toba eruption was the largest volcanic eruption witnessed in history, which covered 2,800 cubic kilometers of the surrounding area in volcanic ash, causing enormous amounts of rain in Indonesia and India.

How exactly these huge amounts of magma are created (and why they erupt so violently) has been a cause of debate between…


Devastating tsunamis could be mitigated by using acoustic-gravity waves


Devastating tsunamis could be halted before hitting Earth’s shoreline by firing deep-ocean sound waves at the oncoming mass of water, new research has proposed.

Dr Usama Kadri, from Cardiff University’s School of Mathematics, believes that lives could ultimately be saved by using acoustic-gravity waves (AGWs) against tsunamis that are triggered by earthquakes, landslides and other violent geological events.

AGWs are naturally occurring sounds waves that move through the deep ocean at…

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