You’re More Resilient Than You Give Yourself Credit For



In my role as a professor at the Brandeis International Business School, I teach a course each fall about acting outside your comfort zone. Each student in the class chooses a behavior outside their comfort zone to work on. For some, it’s public speaking; for others, it’s networking, making small talk with strangers, or being assertive. Students have to go to actual networking events or give speeches in front of real audiences. After the fact, they compile a diary about their experiences, and we discuss and debrief as a class.


As you can imagine, it’s a pretty terrifying experience for most of them. One of my students, an Indian MBA learning to make small talk with strangers, described it like this: “The nervousness, anxiety, thumping heartbeats, and panic attacks I got before the event were similar to if someone asked me to walk on a tightrope.” She’s not alone. For many of my students it’s terrifying to step outside their comfort zones in these consequential situations…




How do you build personal and organisational resilience? Tips and advice from the British Safety Council seminar speakers


The political and social events of 2016 have proven that one thing that is constant in the modern world is change. This trend will no doubt continue into 2017, so to help organisations anticipate, prepare and respond to change in order to survive and prosper, the British Safety Council is running a half-day seminar focused on building personal and organisational resilience…




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