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Resilience: It’s Not Political

Improve passwords to improve cyber resilience

There have been several studies recently that have shown, or at least suggested, that cyber security incidents are often the result of human error, and we have been told again and again that one of the best ways to improve our cyber security is to use strong passwords. However, a study of 2016’s most common passwords found that nearly 17% of users were safeguarding their accounts with ‘123456’.

Keeper Security‘s study of 10 million passwords which had become public through data breaches that occurred during 2016 found that the list of most frequently used passwords had changed little…


Resilience: It’s Not Political


Led by one of our residential team’s up-and-coming young associate editors Kayla Devon, we’ve started a new Resilient Homes resource center here on

We started thinking about this as we were talking with Journal of Light Construction senior editor Ted Cushman about his important article in BUILDER’s January issue, “Tough Enough? State-of-the-art techniques can help your new homes stand up to flood, wind, and fire.”

Audiences–in this “post-truth” and “fake-news” surreal world that we seem to have plunged into in the past couple of years–may question BUILDER’s motives for such an initiative. Our purpose for the section, which consolidates articles, resources, conversation, and forums around the topic of homes built with the capacity to recover quickly from natural difficulties, you might say, is best expressed in Ted Cushman’s own…

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