The 5 biggest global risks to business in 2017 do not include Brexit, populism or terrorism

LSU project seeking volunteers to study affects of flood

The LSU Disaster Resilience and Recovery Project is doing a study on the flood of 2016, and is seeking volunteers to assist.  The project is being conducted by Dr. Katie Cherry, Dr. Matt Calamia and Dr. Emily Elliott, of the LSU Department of Psychology.

With a goal to understand how disaster stress impacts one’s health and daily life, the project will consist of interviewing adults ages 18 and older who live in East Baton Rouge, Livingston and Ascension parishes and were exposed to the flood, a news release said.

The research team also would like to hear from the special subset group of those who relocated to the area after experiencing loss during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita…


The 5 biggest global risks to business in 2017 do not include Brexit, populism or terrorism


The five biggest risks to doing business globally do not include Brexit, populism, or terrorism, according to the World Economic Forum’s benchmark “Global Risks” report for 2017.

WEF said the following five themes that pose the greatest risks are…

Storm Axel batters northern Germany

Germany’s northeastern coast was struck over Wednesday night and into Thursday morning by the worst flooding the region has seen in over ten years. As the water in the Baltic Sea rose to about 1.7 meters (5.5 feet) above its usual level, coastal cities like Lübeck, Rostock, Kiel and Flensburg became impassable.

In Flensburg and Lübeck, the flooding became so severe that parked cars began drifting down the street, and it threatened parts of Lübeck’s World Heritage-listed medieval downtown, which had to be protected with walls of sand bags.

“We can’t comment yet on the extent…





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