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Monthly Archives: January, 2017

Global Natural disasters cost

Governments should learn to pass the buck on natural disaster costs are paid out of many pockets, including governments of all levels, insurers, property owners and others. The reality is … Continue reading

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Costs blow out for Suncorp’s natural hazard allowance to $350m, 4th period in row for over-size claims

Building a Locus of Control: Protecting Yourself From “Climate Trauma” With countries declaring drought emergencies and islands facing inundation, it can be difficult to turn away from the big picture when it comes to … Continue reading

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  You’re More Resilient Than You Give Yourself Credit For   In my role as a professor at the Brandeis International Business School, I teach a course each fall about … Continue reading

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A volcanic eruption in 1815 proved even small changes in climate have disastrous global results

A volcanic eruption in 1815 proved even small changes in climate have disastrous global results This is not the first time in recent history that humanity has had to deal … Continue reading

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Hyogo universities aim to develop disaster experts with new programs

Chile battles devastating wildfires: ‘We have never seen anything on this scale’ The world’s biggest aerial firefighting aircraft has joined beleaguered firefighters in Chile as they battle the worst wildfires … Continue reading

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Resilience: It’s Not Political

Improve passwords to improve cyber resilience There have been several studies recently that have shown, or at least suggested, that cyber security incidents are often the result of human error, and we have … Continue reading

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Stop end-of-year fatigue from seeping into the new year: boost staff optimism and resilience

Stop end-of-year fatigue from seeping into the new year: boost staff optimism and resilience It’s a seasonal reality that many Australian workers end the year short-fused with their resilience falling … Continue reading

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Four dead after tornado strikes Mississippi inflicting ‘massive damage’

Four dead after tornado strikes Mississippi inflicting ‘massive damage’ Four people were killed, roofs were ripped from homes and churches and trees were torn from the earth early on Saturday … Continue reading

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10 People Found Alive in Collapsed Italian Hotel Hit by Avalanche

Chile declares state of emergency due to massive wildfires SANTIAGO – Chile declared a state of emergency on Friday as more than a dozen wildfires that have scorched nearly 50,000 … Continue reading

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Flood disasters more than double across Europe in 35 years

Rome’s subway evacuated as powerful earthquakes rock Italy The metro system and some schools in Italy’s capital, Rome, were evacuated Wednesday following a series of powerful earthquakes that struck the … Continue reading

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A Promising New Method For Cleaning Up the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

With drought looming, Sri Lanka tries something new: preparing COLOMBO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – With rainfall in many areas just a third of that last year and many water reservoirs … Continue reading

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Weighing the Options for Disaster Recovery

Lawmaker proposes statewide ‘zombie preparedness month’ Illinoisans are facing a fiscal emergency. Homeowners are saddled with the nation’s highest property taxes, job creators have to navigate an uncompetitive workers’ compensation … Continue reading

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Get prepared for another cyclone

Natural disasters kill 1,432 in China in 2016 Natural disasters left 1,432 people dead and 274 others missing nationwide in 2016, according to a statement jointly released by several departments. … Continue reading

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Volunteers Plant Trees in Fire-Ravaged Bastrop County

Emergency management sector drives growth in resilience, business continuity planning As disasters — both natural and manmade — strike across the country and around the world, emergency management is evolving … Continue reading

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Are You Financially Resilient? 5 Signs To Look For

Post-Fukushima disaster character’s popularity grows in Thailand A Japanese hero character created in the aftermath of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami is growing in popularity in Thailand … Continue reading

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Megastorms vs. megadroughts:

Megastorms vs. megadroughts: Climate change brings a potentially devastating “atmospheric river” to California As the incoming Trump administration turns Washington increasingly freakish and bizarre, reinventing government as reality show, Mother … Continue reading

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To Improve Disaster Preparedness and Urban Resilience, Japan Shares Best Practices

To Improve Disaster Preparedness and Urban Resilience, Japan Shares Best Practices with Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan The World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) … Continue reading

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The 5 biggest global risks to business in 2017 do not include Brexit, populism or terrorism

LSU project seeking volunteers to study affects of flood The LSU Disaster Resilience and Recovery Project is doing a study on the flood of 2016, and is seeking volunteers to … Continue reading

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More than a buzzword? Resilience to climate change in Zimbabwe

Climate change to displace 15 million Bangladeshis by 2050 Titled ‘Climate Change Knows No Borders’, the report looks at the impact of climate change on migration in South Asia; particularly in … Continue reading

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Insurers paid out $50bn for natural disaster claims in 2016

‘I put myself in standby mode’: what makes a survivor? Standing in a cold cell in a former East German secret police prison, Gilbert Furian explains how he approached his … Continue reading

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You Can Improve Your Default Response to Stress

Stress in the City: ‘At first, I thought my depression was a heart attack’ Geoff McDonald knows a thing or two about the January blues. For many, the start of … Continue reading

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Louisiana Faces Faster Levels of Sea-Level Rise Than Any Other Land on Earth

Louisiana Faces Faster Levels of Sea-Level Rise Than Any Other Land on Earth These dire predictions were pulled from a new rewrite of the state’s Coastal Master Plan for 2017 … Continue reading

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Scientists Have Figured Out Why Big Hurricanes Keep Missing the U.S.

Scientists Have Figured Out Why Big Hurricanes Keep Missing the U.S. Scientists have scratched their heads in recent years as a series of major hurricanes have steered clear of the … Continue reading

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In the eye of a cyclone

Record-breaking year of earthquakes: 32,828 quakes hit New Zealand in 2016 If you felt like the earth moved more in 2016 than ever before, you’re right: GeoNet says last year … Continue reading

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Just How Big Can A Tsunami Get?

How to handle business continuity in a crisis Most businesses are critically reliant upon their IT systems. If these systems go down due to a natural disaster, temporary power outage, … Continue reading

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Firefighting blamed for ‘megafires’ ravaging US forests

Water-short Singapore charts a course toward self-sufficiency Singapore may seem like an unlikely model for the rest of the world when it comes to water management. The island nation has … Continue reading

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Number of natural disasters hit 14-year high in 2016

Earthquakes, bushfires, floods and thunderstorm asthma wreaking havoc in 2016 Earthquakes, bushfires, floods and, in Australia, previously little-known thunderstorm asthma were among the natural disasters that made headlines around the … Continue reading

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Worst natural disasters in 2016

Worst natural disasters in 2016 In 2016, three major earthquakes rocked the world by their deadly nature including 663 killed in Ecuador. Storms, floods, landslides and notorious disease Ebola also … Continue reading

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A Once-Devastating Supervolcano Might Be Waking Up

A Once-Devastating Supervolcano Might Be Waking Up A volcanic area in Naples, Italy may be close to reawakening, according to new research—though scientists say there are no signs it will … Continue reading

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Conservation Requires Collaboration

Incoming! How NASA and FEMA Would Respond to an Asteroid Threat It’s a scary scenario: an asteroid headed for Earth, just four years away from slamming into our home planet. … Continue reading

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Better safe than sorry

Battling Climate Change, FEMA Chief Blasts ‘Social Welfare For Developers’ Since President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, there have been 931 federal or state disaster declarations — most recently the wildfires … Continue reading

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