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Hailstorm hotspots revealed

Hailstorm hotspots revealed by Queensland researcher


Chermside and Capalaba were found to be the best places to avoid thunderstorms. Suburbs south-west of Brisbane have been labelled the thunderstorm hotpots of the south-east by a Queensland researcher who has collated 19 years worth of data and spent two years in the field.

A string of cities and suburbs south-west of Brisbane have been identified as south-east Queensland’s hotspots for hailstorms.

Springfield, Ipswich, Boonah, Beaudesert, Esk and Jimboomba gained the unwanted titles, while Chermside and Capalaba are the best places to avoid the storms.

“The frequency [of hailstorms] drop off in Brisbane’s northern and south-eastern suburbs,” Dr Joshua Soderholm, from University of Queensland’s Climate Research Group, said.

Dr Soderholm has developed a hailstorm map using 19 years’ worth of radar data and information gathered during two years spent in the field using weather balloons…


58% of S. Koreans Consider Smartphones Major Means for News in Natural Disasters

A survey finds that six out of ten South Koreans consider smartphones as a major means for news in case of earthquake and other natural disasters.

The Korea Communications Commission(KCC) released on Wednesday the results of its survey on about 74-hundred people, aged 13 and over, on their use of news media. According to the results, 55-point-five percent of respondents said they consider smartphones a key means for news, while 38-point-six percent cited TVs.

The ratio for smartphones surpassed that for TVs last year for the first time, and the gap between the two means widened further this year.

Smartphones were also considered by 58 percent as a major means for news in case of natural disasters, followed by TVs, radio, personal computers…





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