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Small countries most vulnerable to warming climate: IMF

Small countries most vulnerable to warming climate: IMF

The world’s smallest countries are highly vulnerable to climate change and should work to adapt as sea levels rise and storms grow more frequent, according to an IMF report released on Monday. However, the needs of such states — those with the lowest populations and least land mass — are underfunded by as much as $1 billion annually, the International Monetary Fund report said, calling on both the fund and smaller member states to help prepare for life on a warmer, more disaster-prone planet.

Unlike larger countries that can absorb catastrophic damages from natural disasters more easily, small states are more…


A year after flood, is Chennai disaster-ready?


Days after Vardah, described as a “very severe cyclonic storm”, hit Chennai, the city is still grappling with power cuts. The cyclone, which has left a trail of destruction behind it, disrupted mobile and telecommunication services in the city and its neighbouring districts. People struggled to buy essentials since ATMs and point of sale machines didn’t work. And, banks were closed for four days in a row.  For many, this was like a repeat of last year when Chennai was flooded after it experienced its worst rainfall in 100 years. Only this time, there was no flooding. The rainfall wasn’t as severe and having…




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