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Here’s How To Build Resilience, According To Science

Here’s How To Build Resilience, According To Science


When life gets tough, you get tougher.

Research shows resilience, the ability to bounce back from a challenge, can have positive benefits. Of course, recovering from an obstacle isn’t always an easy task. Enter these helpful tips.

Happify, a website and app dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, broke down all the ways in which you can build resilience in the infographic below. Next time you get knocked down, remember to get back up again…


How student journalists are using virtual reality to raise awareness of potential natural disasters

We’ve seen virtual reality take audiences to places they’ve never been and experience things they’d never get the chance to otherwise, but what if it could actually save lives by helping people to understand and prepare for the impact of inevitable natural disasters?

This is the question Robert Hernandez, professor at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, wanted to find out when his class developed Hell and High Water VR, an experience that aims to prepare audiences for a coastal storm in Houston, Texas.

“The ability to take you to a place that allows you to look around is wonderful, but the ability to illustrate and give you a sense of scale is something that virtual reality can do better than anything else,” he said….


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