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How To Build Personal Resilience Among Parents And Children During The Holiday Season

Experts Warn Against Beijing Defining Smog as Natural Disaster

Beijing’s latest draft of the regulations that determine how the city handles extreme weather events is a recipe for disaster, experts say.

At the heart of the issue is the classification of smog as a natural disaster, which activists fear could mean neither emitters nor regulators will end up taking responsibility for what is in the end a mostly man-made problem.

On Dec. 1, the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress released the third draft version of the regulations for preventing and controlling meteorological disasters. According to the draft, heavy rain, snowstorms, cold snaps, gales, sandstorms, heat waves, droughts, lightning, hail, frost, fog, and smog all constitute “meteorological disasters.”

As early as May, environmentalists and legal experts expressed their concerns…


How To Build Personal Resilience Among Parents And Children During The Holiday Season


That is why Devereux Center for Resilient Children national trainer and early childhood specialist Nefertiti Bruce is offering some tips for building resilience this holiday season. Based on the email sent to Parent Herald, Bruce stresses the importance of “rediscovering the season’s original values” such as “thankfulness, togetherness and family” in building personal resilience during the holidays…


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