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One-quarter of the world’s children live in danger zones: UNICEF

1,600 Flights Across Midwest Canceled as Winter Blast Rolls Eastmapsnow_ce166085b28669051ce4d8a64178391e-nbcnews-ux-600-480


Nearly one-quarter of the world’s children live in conflict or disaster zones, according to new figures from international children’s charity UNICEF, released on Friday.

The UNICEF research found 535 million children live in countries stricken by war or natural catastrophes such as drought or flooding.

Children living in sub-Saharan Africa were most likely to be affected by war or disaster, followed by children in the Middle East and North Africa.

The figures have been released to mark the 70th anniversary of UNICEF’s work supporting children in some of the world’s most dangerous countries…

Research Reveals 5 Powerful Rituals That Will Make You Resilient

Every now and then, life punches below the belt. How can you be resilient when times get tough and you feel bad?

There are all kinds of strategies for feeling happier and showing grit. But most of them are very conscious and deliberate. And the truth is, most of what we do every day isn’t all that conscious and deliberate.

Ever since Freud, we’ve known that a lot of our behavior is unconscious. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you leverage your unconscious mind to get through the tough times? Only makes sense, right?

Now I don’t know much about my unconscious mind. (I mean, it’s unconscious, right?) So I called an expert on the subject…



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