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Research delivers insight into the disaster recovery as a service (draas) market

The flatpack water tank: ‘a micro solution with a macro impact’


Water is a life source no matter where you live. But in places where water infrastructure is lacking or in disrepair due to natural disaster, conflict or climate change, collecting and storing water is a significant development challenge.  The ancient practice of rainwater collection has been through something of a “renaissance” over the last few decades, according to Unicef [pdf].  The benefits of erecting large storage tanks in water-deficient areas are clear; they collect low-impurity rainwater and don’t contribute to groundwater depreciation. But there is a rather befuddling logistical challenge standing in the way of making it efficient. When shipping heavy tanks over long distances, the main commodity being transported is air…


Research delivers insight into the disaster recovery as a service (draas) market

Disasters are the consequences of events triggered either by machines or natural hazards on which humans have limited control. Years ago, natural disasters impacted on the society and businesses, these further the dent to overall economy of any region.  The advancing technology has proved to avoid damage to an extent, events such as tsunami, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are some of the natural disasters which human kind have been tackling all these years. Disaster are not confined to natural activities alone, human or machine errors can also…


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