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Taking “resilience” out of the realm of metaphor.

Torrential rains cause widespread flooding in northern Italy

Little more than two weeks after Italian scientists warned that climate change had put much of the country at risk of flooding, parts of the northwest have been inundated by heavy rain.  Torrential downpours caused the Piedmont region’s Tanaro river to burst its banks, prompting local officials to ask the government to declare a state of emergency…


Taking “resilience” out of the realm of metaphor. How do you measure resilience in cities? How would you know if your city or your community was resilient?

Resilience is one of three in a trinity of key urban design values: resilience, sustainability, and livability. Yet, of the three, resilience seems to reside the most in metaphor. Many are trying to build resilient cities and communities all over the world, and “resilience” works wonderfully (for the most part*) as a metaphor. Having a “resilient city” sounds like a great idea that everyone could support. No? But to design for resilience suggests we can identify it, plan for it. There are many definitions, each addressing different sectors of thought or action: ecological resilience, economic resilience, community resilience, engineering resilience, psychological resilience, and so on. When we descend from the heights of metaphor we are quickly faced with four key questions, practical questions: resilience to what, resilience of what, resilience…


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