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Japan tsunami triggers rare tidal waves

Government warned of massive economic crisis triggered by natural disasters

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – Potential natural disasters could trigger massive economic crisis in Indonesia in 2017, an academician said. Unless the government is careful in anticipating natural disasters, economic crisis like that in 1998 is feared to hit the country again, a geography professor of the state Gajahmada University Baiquni said here on Friday.  Baiquni said the economic crisis in 1998 was a result of accumulation of crises and was expedited by natural disasters in various areas in Indonesia. The natural disasters caused food shortage that easily led to anarchy that would result in economic crisis, he said.  Therefore, he advised the government to be serious in calculating food stocks, looking for alternatives to guarantee food supply and improving distribution system….


Japan tsunami triggers rare tidal waves


The strong earthquake and resulting tsunami in eastern Japan Monday did not result in significant damage or casualties, but it did produce an interesting and rare phenomenon known as a “tidal bore.”.. Videos of the tidal bore have been showing up all over news sites and social media, purporting to be the tsunami itself — but what is actually causing the slow-moving waves to surge through the rivers, channels, and…


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