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Storm chasers: the typhoon turbine that could power Japan for 50 years

Storm chasers: the typhoon turbine that could power Japan for 50 years


Typhoons are normally nothing but a disaster,” says Atsushi Shimizu.  But that’s not the case for this Japanese engineer, who believes these violent forces of nature could solve Japan’s green energy problem.  Shimizu has invented the world’s first typhoon turbine. A robust, egg beater-shaped wind turbine, designed not only to withstand the incredible force of a tropical cyclone, but also to harness it.  A mature typhoon produces a level of kinetic energy “equivalent to about half the world-wide electrical generating capacity,” according to the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological…


Here’s What The New Missouri Governor, A Navy SEAL, Told A Buddy Struggling With PTSD

On Tuesday night, former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens won the nomination for governor of Missouri over the state’s attorney general, Chris Koster. Greitens, a Republican, will replace Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, becoming Missouri’s 56th governor in January 2017.  Before entering politics, Greitens had a storied career as a Navy SEAL. He received a commission in the Navy in 2001, and then received orders to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School. Greitens was there on Sept. 11, 2001, and his class would be one of the first to go through every phase of training with the understanding that they would soon be taking part in the Global War on Terror…



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