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Crisis PR – How Natural Disasters Impact Travel PR

Crisis PR – How Natural Disasters Impact Travel PR


Natural disasters are never a good thing, but is it possible to bring good out of such an event when it happens? Take hurricanes or tsunamis; they can leave a lot of damage in their wake, and when it comes to travel public relations for that area or resorts, it takes effort to turn that tide for a favorable result.

In situations like a hurricane, there is often some warning allowing many people to leave the area. That means fewer human lives at risk, but it won’t protect property or buildings in the path of the storm. The good news may be that a resort gets through the disaster relatively unscathed. When that is the case, tourism may remain low, just because who wants to visit a place where massive destruction is visible in every direction? But there will still be visitors….


Aiding disaster relief through a new social network

A Ryerson grad has founded a startup to make handling emergencies easier with the help of others around the world.

Jennifer Holmes, a graduate of Ryerson’s Master of Digital Media (MDM) program, founded DEMHUB, an emergency and disaster management network that helps emergency managers and academics work hand-in-hand, sharing information in times of urgency.

Holmes started DEMHUB so that emergency managers could share information to create preparedness programs and response plans within their communities.

“The need is basically out of the lack of resources that address that issue, that allow us to learn from each other on a macro…



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