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First evidence of legendary China flood may rewrite history

First evidence of legendary China flood may rewrite history


Scientists have uncovered the first evidence of China’s Great Flood, a disaster that marked the birth of Chinese civilisation but was previously considered legend by many.

Through analysing the bones of children crushed in the rubble of an earthquake that was believed to have caused the flooding, the geologists also found that the disaster happened hundreds of years after traditionally thought…


Pacific Community awarded for their use of Geospatial technology in Disaster Management

The Pacific Community (SPC) has been recognized for their innovation in using geospatial technology. This includes equipment used in visualization, measurement, and analysis of earth’s features, that involves systems like global positioning systems (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS), and remote sensing (RS) in disaster management.

Disasters can be of any forms and when they strike, the impacts can be felt and seen through all aspects of the society. This is demonstrated through economic losses, infrastructural damage to towns, communities and destruction to the natural environment.

For many small island states in the Pacific, they find themselves in geo-tectonic environments where they are prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions…


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