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La Niña has returned and now the US might actually get some winter

Northern Adelaide could be protected by levees in flood mitigation scheme

Low-lying farms and properties north of Adelaide are likely to be protected by new levees in the near future.

The Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority has met again in the wake of September’s costly flooding in the Virginia, Two Wells and Buckland Park food bowl.

The water breached the existing levees on the river, causing an estimated $40 million in overall damage to vegetable growers.

While the authority has been working on flood mitigation in the catchment for several years, it is now looking at evidence from this…



La Niña has returned and now the US might actually get some winter


A relatively weak La Niña has developed, scientists with NOAA say, with lower than normal temperatures persisting across most of the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean. This should eventually bring some cooler weather to parts of the United States, which just experienced its third warmest October on record…




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