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Flood-proof house would rise with the tide

Rio’s famous beaches take battering as scientists issue climate change warning

Scientists in Rio de Janeiro have warned that the city’s sea defences may not be able to cope with the effects of climate change after a record storm surge swamped beaches, dumping hundreds of tonnes of sand across nearby roads and buildings.

Waves of almost four metres in the weekend storm left beach flags fluttering in tatters, forced the closure of deckchair-rental gazebos, and inundated coconut-and-beer kiosks with grit and sea water…


Flood-proof house would rise with the tide


Some areas in the UK can’t be developed for housing because of the risk of flooding, but with house prices in the country so high, there’s money to be made if developers can find a way to build in such areas. Here lies the impetus for the Elevating House: a proposal for a family home that would simply rise on stilts when the floods come.

Designed by building and development firm Larkfleet Group, the Elevating House looks very much like the kind of typical three-bedroom detached family home found throughout the UK.

However, should a flood warning be issued, a mechanical jacking system comprising a motor, gearbox, and drive shafts would lift the 65 tonne (72 US ton) home 1.5 m (5 ft) off the ground within five minutes…



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