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Why we should not demonize residents who refuse to evacuate during hurricanes

Lifting houses to escape Chennai floods

If you cannot beat the flood, rise above it. This has become the mantra for some of the families with houses in the low-lying areas of Chennai that suffered severe flooding in November-December 2015.  As the string of low-pressure weather events that constitute the northeast monsoon for Chennai is beginning, the city is hoping that flooding like that of the last year does not occur this year. Communities are also working to build upon the experience gained from the last floods to prevent some of the mistakes and improve on the situation…


Why we should not demonize residents who refuse to evacuate during hurricanes


Predictions for Hurricane Matthew were reasonably good. Meteorologists, emergency managers and elected leaders effectively made the case that it was a dangerous storm. Evacuation orders were issued. Yet, some were ignored. And, where they were followed, some may have backfired.

Meteorologists and public officials sometimes seem shocked when residents are reluctant to evacuate. Sometimes we criticize those who refuse to leave. But it would be more constructive to better understand them.

The reasons for staying home are complex. They are frequently not due to ignorance or complacency, but a result of the enormous disruption…



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