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Businesses Plan to Invest in Resilience

Unconventional partnerships in disaster governance

The increasing importance of private businesses, charities and faith-based organizations in responding to humanitarian and environmental crises is impacting the entire humanitarian system. As such, there are necessary institutional considerations to ensure an ethical and efficient response to disaster relief and accountability to the survivors of humanitarian and natural disasters.  The term “non-traditional actor” in a post-disaster context is often associated with private aid, businesses, diaspora networks and faith-based organizations…


Businesses Plan to Invest in Resilience in Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

The ravages of Hurricane Matthew are prompting businesses to rethink their natural hazards preparedness, with more than one out of four surveyed employees in the stricken region saying they believe their companies will increase investment in the area. Matthew was the costliest Atlantic hurricane since Superstorm Sandy, which struck the East Coast four years ago this Saturday.  In a new survey* focusing on Matthew’s business impact, 28 percent of employees from Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas said they believe their employer is increasing investment in preparedness for natural disasters like hurricanes..


Likud deputy minister: Italy earthquakes retribution for UNESCO vote

Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara attributes two earthquakes in Italy, during which he was on a state visit to the Vatican, to Italy’s decision to vote for a UNESCO resolution disregarding Jewish connection to Jerusalem…



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