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Monthly Archives: November, 2016

Leading insurer launches emergency and disaster solution in Asia

Addressing Resilience through the Dutch Dialogues The Dutch Dialogues were first held in 2008 when American and Dutch experts in water management, city planning and design came together to develop … Continue reading

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Tens of thousands evacuated as Israeli wildfires rage

Tens of thousands evacuated as Israeli wildfires rage France, Russia, Turkey and Cyprus are to send firefighting planes to Israel as the country battles fierce forest fires that have triggered … Continue reading

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Taking “resilience” out of the realm of metaphor.

Torrential rains cause widespread flooding in northern Italy Little more than two weeks after Italian scientists warned that climate change had put much of the country at risk of flooding, … Continue reading

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Unusually late Hurricane Otto takes aim at Central America

M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity / Edouard Francois The relationship between building height and sustainability is a subject that currently occupies the minds of many city planners.  This is because the … Continue reading

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Companies Lack Cyberattack Preparedness, Resilience

  Further floods threaten travel chaos across Britain Torrential rain has caused flash flooding and blocked roads and rain lines in swaths of the UK, causing widespread travel disruption and … Continue reading

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Australia at Significant Economic Risk from Natural Disaster

Outcry over lack of cash for flood defences as storm hits south UK The government has been accused of being “all talk and no action” on flood defences, as the … Continue reading

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Japan tsunami triggers rare tidal waves

Government warned of massive economic crisis triggered by natural disasters Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – Potential natural disasters could trigger massive economic crisis in Indonesia in 2017, an academician said. Unless … Continue reading

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How Natural Disasters Affect Children With Aggressive Behaviors

Study: Natural disaster may up dementia risk for elderly Dementia should be considered a health risk for elderly survivors of natural disasters, a new study led by Harvard University researchers … Continue reading

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Virtual crisis room to answer man-made and natural disasters in the Caribbean

First big storm of season dumps 2 feet of snow on Minnesota Minnesotans are shoveling out from the first big snowstorm of the season that dumped up to 2 feet … Continue reading

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Sydney homeowners face properties being reduced in value because of climate change

Tricia Andreassen Releases New Book On Resilience and Hits #1 In New Release Category Author and Spiritual Growth Teacher, Tricia Andreassen Releases New Book On Building Resilience In The Storm … Continue reading

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‘Prepare for the worst’

Natural disasters drive millions into poverty: report Natural disasters drive tens of millions of people into poverty and also have a devastating impact on consumption, the World Bank has said. … Continue reading

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This is what climate change looks like

This is what climate change looks like photo exhibition is showing the effects of climate change to world leaders and climate change experts.  Entitled “Climate Change — In Focus,” it … Continue reading

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Storm chasers: the typhoon turbine that could power Japan for 50 years

Storm chasers: the typhoon turbine that could power Japan for 50 years Typhoons are normally nothing but a disaster,” says Atsushi Shimizu.  But that’s not the case for this Japanese … Continue reading

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Balkan countries improve their ability to keep hospital safe during emergencies

Balkan countries improve their ability to keep hospital safe during emergencies Five Balkan countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – are … Continue reading

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Crisis PR – How Natural Disasters Impact Travel PR

Crisis PR – How Natural Disasters Impact Travel PR Natural disasters are never a good thing, but is it possible to bring good out of such an event when it … Continue reading

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Practice is key to success against future natural disasters

Typhoon Haiyan memory spurs ARISE commitment Exactly three years after the country was lashed by the deadly Typhoon Haiyan, UNISDR’s Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) network in … Continue reading

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Two dead as powerful quake rocks New Zealand

Cliff collapses after earthquake strikes near Christchurch, New Zealand A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand with such force, it caused part of a cliff to collapse. About 150,000 to 200,000 … Continue reading

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First evidence of legendary China flood may rewrite history

First evidence of legendary China flood may rewrite history Scientists have uncovered the first evidence of China’s Great Flood, a disaster that marked the birth of Chinese civilisation but was … Continue reading

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La Niña has returned and now the US might actually get some winter

Northern Adelaide could be protected by levees in flood mitigation scheme Low-lying farms and properties north of Adelaide are likely to be protected by new levees in the near future. … Continue reading

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Flood-proof house would rise with the tide

Rio’s famous beaches take battering as scientists issue climate change warning Scientists in Rio de Janeiro have warned that the city’s sea defences may not be able to cope with … Continue reading

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7 ways mentally strong people handle stress

Haiti announces agricultural aid campaign amid anger over hurricane help When Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti a month ago, it didn’t discriminate – destroying everything in its path.  Now, amid growing … Continue reading

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Why we should not demonize residents who refuse to evacuate during hurricanes

Lifting houses to escape Chennai floods If you cannot beat the flood, rise above it. This has become the mantra for some of the families with houses in the low-lying … Continue reading

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Is President-Elect Trump A Climate Disaster?

Is President-Elect Trump A Climate Disaster? Anyone concerned with U.S. politics and climate change may be nervous after Tuesday’s national election. He said he would “cancel” the Paris Agreement, although … Continue reading

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World first in resilience for Pacific

World first in resilience for Pacific In a world-first, the Pacific has launched a regional industry association for practitioners involved in climate change, disasters and other sectors related to building … Continue reading

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Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds

Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds The world’s indigenous communities need to be given a bigger role in climate stabilisation, according to a new study … Continue reading

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Why Cyber Resilience in the Age of Cyberattack Matters?

Florence flood 50 years on: ‘The world felt this city had to be saved’ The small attic apartment that Swietlan Kraczyna shared with his wife and baby daughter in Florence … Continue reading

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Natural measures must be key to UK flood protection, MPs urge

When Glaciers Transform Into Deadly 150-mph Avalanches It took less than seven minutes. On the morning of September 20, 2002, the Kolka Glacier sat in a gently sloping valley on … Continue reading

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The Deadliest Volcano in the United States Just Got Really Weird

New warning sirens for Suva by 2018 Five early warning sirens to protect Fijians in the case of a natural disaster are set to be established in Suva by 2018.  … Continue reading

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Businesses Plan to Invest in Resilience

Unconventional partnerships in disaster governance The increasing importance of private businesses, charities and faith-based organizations in responding to humanitarian and environmental crises is impacting the entire humanitarian system. As such, … Continue reading

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How Louisiana Turned Disaster Into Dollars

How Louisiana Turned Disaster Into Dollars As Hurricane Matthew spun toward Florida and the Carolinas this month, people in the storm’s path boarded up, evacuated, and waited for disaster to … Continue reading

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Hurricane coming? You’d better believe it this time

Hurricane coming? You’d better believe it this time Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive storms in US history, struck New Jersey four years ago this weekend. It left hundreds … Continue reading

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