Italy’s ‘monuments men’ unearth treasures from ruins of Amatrice quake

Italy’s ‘monuments men’ unearth treasures from ruins of Amatrice quake


The first mission of the new Italian “Blue Helmet” force dedicated to defending cultural heritage was supposed to be in Palmyra, the ancient Syrian city whose monuments were destroyed by Islamic State.  But when a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy in August, killing 298 people and devastating the town of Amatrice, the 60 modern-day “monuments men” headed to the rubble, in territory far more familiar than what they were trained for.  On Friday their work in Amatrice was completed. They leave having recovered 900 pieces of art such as altarpieces and other paintings from museums, chapels and shrines…


Ghanaians urged to build resilience to disaster

Ghana yesterday celebrated its International Day for Disaster Reduction, officially marked worldwide on October 13, with the admonition that the need to build resilience and reduce vulnerability of Ghanaians has become more crucial than before.

This is  because the frequency and destructive impacts of disaster on society continues to increase, Prosper Bani, the Minister of the Interior, has said

“As a nation, we are constantly faced with the threat of several natural and human induced hazards,” he added

The Minister, whose speech was read on his behalf by Mrs. Adelaide Annor-Kumi, Chief Director , said the country experienced 2,469 fire outbreaks in the first quarter of the year, as against 2,036 cases within the same period in 2015,representing 21 .27 per cent.

The day was celebrated on the theme “Live to tell-Raising awareness, Reduce Mortality” and it marks the launch of the new “Sendai Seven” campaign by the UN office for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2016-2030.

This year targets the first of the seven goals, which focus on reducing…


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