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“Climate Change Did It!” Is a Convenient Excuse

The stark reality of covering Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

The Haitian city of Jeremie was completely destroyed.

With a bird’s eye view from inside a plane, I could see that not one house was left with a roof, clothes were scattered everywhere and people picked through debris.  Hurricane Matthew had hit Haiti hard, and I was there to photograph the storm’s aftermath.  When I first arrived, I checked into a hotel in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and waited for the hurricane to pass. My job, after checking on any damage there, was to try to pinpoint the areas in the western corner of the country that took a direct hit from the storm…


“Climate Change Did It!” Is a Convenient Excuse


Climate change is going to mean more (and often worse) extreme weather events like torrential rains, droughts, and hurricanes. These will often prove catastrophic for regions that do not have the capacity to cope.

So can we blame climate change for the disasters these extreme weather events leave in their wake…

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