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6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Japan

We just had five 1,000-year floods in less than a year. What’s going on?

A 1,000-year flood is supposed to be extremely rare. Its chance of occurring in a given year: 0.1 percent.

So how do we explain that in the span of just five months, the United States logged no fewer than four deadly 1,000-year floods in states as widespread as Texas, West Virginia, Maryland and Louisiana – following a 1,000-year-flood that ravaged South Carolina last October.

It appears that the calculation of a 1,000-year event may no longer be the most accurate statistic. It was based, as are…


6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Japan

A preliminary 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Japan on Friday, according to the US Geological Survey.  The quake, which was 6.3 kilometers in depth, hit near Kurayoshi city to the west of Osaka, the USGS said.  Almost 80,000 households suffered from initial blackouts, but most power has been restored. A handful of light injuries were reported.  There have been reports of housing damage, with state media showing properties flattened by the temblor, but no tsunami warning has been issued.  No irregularities were reported from nuclear power plants in the…



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