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Cost of Natural Disasters Could Top $300 Billion by 2030, Report Says

Historic Louisiana Flooding, Katrina Anniversary Serve as Stark Reminders of Need for Increased Resilience

Louisiana recently experienced unprecedented flooding that killed 13 people and damaged more than 60,000 homes. This slow-moving storm overwhelmed communities far outside of the 100-year flood zone, including some communities previously impacted by Hurricanes Rita (2005) and Isaac (2012).

Next week also marks the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which pummeled the Gulf Coast, killing nearly 2,000 people and devastating communities and the environment. Since the storm, Louisiana has come a long way in restoring and better protecting coastal areas against storm surge, but there is still work to do to achieve comprehensive restoration and community resilience in the face of future threats…


Cost of Natural Disasters Could Top $300 Billion by 2030, Report Says 

A residence is inundated by floodwaters on Oct. 12, near Lumberton, North Carolina.

A residence is inundated by floodwaters on Oct. 12, near Lumberton, North Carolina.

But investing in resilience measures could reduce that risk

The cost of natural disasters worldwide could hit $314 billion annually by 2030, up from around $250 billion now, as urban expansion continues at a eesiapid pace and global warming continues to contribute to a rise in natural disasters, according to new research.

The authors of the World Bank report encourage policymakers to prioritize measures that support urban resilience including…


Has a Hurricane Ever Made Landfall in California?

Hollywood has destroyed Los Angeles again and again. Filmmakers have imagined every conceivable calamity for Los Angeles, from monstrous earthquakes (2015’s “San Andreas”) to extraterrestrial liquidations (1996’s “Independence Day”), or, even more improbably, a volcanic eruption from the La Brea Tar Pits (1997’s “Volcano”). “No other city,” wrote Mike Davis in “Ecology of Fear,” “seems to excite such dark rapture.”

Indeed, a hurricane might be the only natural disaster Hollywood has spared Los Angeles, despite the obvious cinematic potential. (Imagine surfers daring a broiling Pacific as gale-force winds peel the letters of the Hollywood sign off Mount Lee, one-by-one.)…

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