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Satellite images show Hurricane Matthew’s devastating mark on Haiti

Satellite images show Hurricane Matthew’s devastating mark on Haiti


Hurricane Matthew left a trail of devastation across Haiti earlier this month after the Category 4 storm flattened houses, flooded streets and killed hundreds of people. New satellite images from NASA’s Earth Observatory and DigitalGlobe show the extent of the hurricane’s destruction across Haiti’s hard-hit southern coast. Green swaths become barren brown patches, marking the places where extreme winds, landslides, erosion and storm surge stripped trees of their foliage and leveled entire neighborhoods…


2 quake faults in the Bay Area could rupture together, causing major devastation, scientists say

The most dangerous earthquake fault in the San Francisco Bay Area is connected to another, which means both could rupture simultaneously and unleash major devastation, a new study finds.

The Hayward Fault has long been considered a threat because it runs under densely populated neighborhoods east of San Francisco. The new study found that beneath San Pablo Bay, it joins with a second, less active underground fracture to the north…


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