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How Kenyan communities embrace flood resilience strategies


How Kenyan communities embrace flood resilience strategies

Kenyans are all too familiar with floods. The rainy seasons are almost always accompanied by flooding in both rural and urban areas of Kenya. Despite efforts to work with communities to mitigate the effects of potential flooding, nongovernmental organizations and humanitarian agencies are always prepared to respond.  One of the most discussed topics last year was the El Nino phenomenon. Kenyans could easily remember the El Nino rains of 1997, which resulted in 300 deaths, damages worth $670 million and $236 million to infrastructure and the agricultural sector respectively.  The most recent El Nino, which commenced in October 2015 and lasted until April 2016, saw a country more prepared with early warning and mitigation efforts…


Axcient Offers Complimentary Disaster Recovery Services in Advance of Hurricane Matthew

Axcient, the leader in cloud-based IT resilience and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), announced today that it is offering complimentary, no commitment disaster recovery services to businesses potentially affected by approaching Hurricane Matthew. As of Thursday morning, hurricane warnings have been issued in the Bahamas and across Florida’s East Coast, extending up to Charleston, South Carolina. With this offer, businesses can protect their applications and data using Axcient’s cloud-based IT resilience platform, Fusion, to minimize any IT downtime that might result from the storm. Fusion setup takes less than 15 minutes and Axcient has staff on…


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