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California earthquakes discovered much deeper than originally believed

California earthquakes discovered much deeper than originally believed


Scientists in California have found that earthquakes can occur much deeper below the Earth’s surface than originally believed, a discovery that alters their understanding of seismic behavior and potential risks.  Seismologists have long believed that earthquakes occur less than 12 to 15 miles underground. But the new research found evidence of quakes deeper than 15 miles, below the Earth’s crust and in the mantle…


‘There is nothing left to live on’: Haiti’s hurricane survivors cope with loss, despair

As the creek behind Hermosante Fedna’s home overflowed its banks and lapped at her walls, she waited, afraid the hurricane winds outside posed the greater danger.  She and her husband, Tiophal Sintable, had built their home and raised seven children there. He grew rice and cassava in the green coastal fields behind it. She sold them in the market.  But the sounds Monday night were tremendous, like roaring engines. The winds uprooted towering palm trees and hurled them into the cinder-block shacks all around her. Coconuts landed…


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