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Wellington forges ahead with resilience plan

Skull image of Hurricane Matthew spooks the Internet

Skull image of Hurricane Matthew spooks the Internet

Skull image of Hurricane Matthew spooks the Internet

Hurricane Matthew is a monster storm. Now it has a monster image to match.  A sinister image of Hurricane Matthew, resembling a human skull, has lit up the Internet. The creepy satellite photo was posted Tuesday by Weather Channel senior meteorologist Stu Ostro as the hurricane made landfall in Haiti…


Rolling with the punches

WITH companies around the world facing challenges on multiple fronts, many consider current business conditions to be the toughest in recent years. Whether it is due to slowing external demand, technology-fuelled disruption to traditional industries or rising costs, many firms are struggling to thrive in such an environment.  To cope with these headwinds, it is critical that companies develop a culture of resilience that will enable them to maximise…


Wellington forges ahead with resilience plan

Wellington City Council has been presented with 30 initiatives aimed at making the Capital City more resilient to acute shocks and chronic stresses resulting from major natural, social or economic events.  The initiatives are contained in the Resilience Strategy which was presented at last night’s final Council meeting.  The proposed initiatives have resulted from an extensive consultation examining the key areas for investment in Wellington’s resilience.  Globally, 100 cities are undertaking similar work as part of the 100 Resilient Cities movement, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Wellington’s Resilience Strategy has been led by a steering group comprising leaders from the Wellington insurance, academic, business, housing, government…



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