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Military Tips On Business Resiliency

North Korea floods: Survivors homeless, sick as winter looms

A young North Korean boy sits amid a flood-ravaged landscape in Hamgyong province.

A young North Korean boy sits amid a flood-ravaged landscape in Hamgyong province.

One month after devastating floods ravaged North Korea’s northeast, aid agencies have warned that many survivors are homeless and at risk of disease as winter looms.  “The situation at the moment isn’t easy, but in two to three weeks it will be a different story,” Patrick Elliott, a delegate with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), said in a statement released Friday.  The IFRC has warned that incoming snowfall in October could be disastrous for unprepared flood survivors.  People have lost their coal supplies and are burning bits of wood in makeshift stoves to keep warm. They need proper roofs over their heads, fuel and warm clothes…


Military Tips On Business Resiliency

A steel bar is resistant to stress and is capable of maintaining its form while bearing large loads. While steel is also known as one of the world’s strongest metal’s (Titanium, Tungsten and Iconel round out the top four) , it is also susceptible to shearing and completely breaking. A rubber brick, on the other hand, will bend easily under even small loads, but it’s extremely difficult to snap or break. Moreover, once the load is removed from the rubber, its flexibility returns it to its original form. This is how the rubber brick displays resiliency…


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