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What rising light pollution means for our health

South Korea Says It’s Unlikely to Help North Recover From Flood

South Korea — South Korea said on Monday that it was unlikely to provide humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of flood survivors in North Korea even if the country asked for help, reaffirming its hard-line stance after the North’s fifth nuclear test.  North Korea has mobilized soldiers and workers in internal relief efforts for an estimated 140,000 victims in its northern provinces after torrential rains last month caused what it has described as some of the worst flooding in its history. International relief agencies…


What rising light pollution means for our health


The new comprehensive World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness has just appeared in Science Advances. Written by a group of distinguished scientists led by Italian Fabio Falchi, it is a noteworthy accomplishment. The first atlas appeared in 2001, but was based on a less precise satellite measurement system. This latest atlas provides far more clarity.  The atlas measures what is called “artificial sky glow” – reflected light scatter in the atmosphere from the electric lighting below – across the world. Sky glow results from light pollution, or the excess of electric light during the night…


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