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Separating Fiction in this Time of Natural Disasters

world's first weather station...

world’s first weather station…

Separating Fiction in this Time of Natural Disasters

There is always fact versus fiction when speaking about the news. Why else would the entertainment industry be so interesting if not for exaggeration, let alone outright lies being told. But there are those who have become fearful at “signs” that they believe are happening, telling them that the “end” is definitely on its way. Before getting scared, it is important to realize that there are natural reasons behind these hazards, dangers and oddities – reasons that are related to the very factual world of weather…


Obama Designates First Atlantic Ocean National Monument

Cycling Cape Cod’s mostly flat terrain from beach to kettle pond to clam shack, you’d never guess the secret that lies offshore. Just 150 miles out into the Atlantic, ancient volcanic peaks reach (underwater) heights that beat Mount Katahdin in Maine and New Hampshire’s Mount Washington for size; their valleys undulate so deep, they rival the Grand Canyon. These four submarine peaks, or seamounts—Mytilus, Bear, Physalia, and Retriever—are the only such features in Atlantic waters…



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