Italy earthquake leaves 37 dead

Italy earthquake leaves 37 dead, towns in ruins

Italy earthquake 2

(CNN) — A strong, shallow earthquake hit central Italy early Wednesday, killing at least 37 people and leaving rescuers desperately digging through the rubble to free survivors.  Many of the dead from the 6.2-magnitude earthquake were from three badly-affected villages in a mountainous area, according to CNN affiliate Rai.  The rural area is a popular vacation spot, and is especially bustling with people during the summer break.  The deaths included 10 people in the village of Pescara del Tronto, six in Accumoli and five in Amatrice, Rai reported, adding that children were among the victims…


Japan: Typhoon Mindulle leaves destruction in its wake

According to local media, the woman who died was riding her bicycle when she was swept away by flood waters in Sagamihara.  Reports suggest a man was also killed further north in the region.  Torrential rain caused rivers to burst their banks and disrupted travel across Japan’s main island.  Air traffic controllers were forced to temporarily abandon their tower in Tokyo’s Narita International Airport as wind speeds reached over 125 kilometres per hour. While at Haneda, the capital’s other main airport, hundreds of domestic flights were cancelled…


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