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Typhoon Mindulle lashes Tokyo

Typhoon Mindulle lashes Tokyo, heads north to Tohoku and Hokkaido

japan typhoonTyphoon Mindulle lashed the greater Tokyo area on Monday, dumping heavy rain and leaving at least one person dead and 29 injured in storm-related incidents.  Storm water coursed down usually placid rivers and left many streets flooded in the Kanto region. As of Monday evening the typhoon was heading north, where it is expected to hit the Tohoku region and Hokkaido on Tuesday…


Reeling From Effects of Climate Change, Alaskan Village Votes to Relocate

Residents of a small Alaskan village voted this week to relocate their entire community from a barrier island that has been steadily disappearing because of erosion and flooding attributed to climate change.  In the unofficial results of an election on Tuesday in the village, Shishmaref, residents voted 89 to 78 to leave. The plan would move the village, which is 120 miles north of Nome, to one of two sites on the mainland about five miles away, officials said. But the village needs an estimated $180 million from a patchwork of sources to complete the move, according to a 2004 estimate…



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