California fire of ‘intensity never seen before’ forces thousands to flee

“Climate change affects everyone”

It is important to seek solutions to displacement caused by climate change, because eventually it will affect all of us, says NORCAP-expert Yohannes Hagos Subagadis. This week he visits a political conference in Norway to talk about disaster risk reduction in Africa.  Subagadis currently works as a disaster risk reduction specialist in South Sudan, deployed to UNESCO in the capital, Juba. He is in charge of UNESCO’s science-related activities, such as climate change adaptation, building resilience , disaster risk reduction from floods and drought, and teaching people how to make development sustainable over time…


California fire of ‘intensity never seen before’ forces thousands to flee

california fire

A wildfire with a ferocity never seen before by veteran California firefighters raced up and down canyons, instantly engulfing homes and forcing thousands of people to flee, some running for their lives just ahead of the flames.  By Wednesday, a day after it ignited in brush left bone dry by years of drought, the blaze had spread across nearly 47 square miles and was raging out of control. The flames advanced despite the efforts of 1,300 firefighters.  Authorities could not immediately say how many homes had been destroyed, but they warned that the number will be large…


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