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Macedonia Flood 2016 Photos

Globalization has made our economies more vulnerable to climate change


Extreme weather events – droughts, heatwaves, floods or storms – are typically pictured as something certainly devastating but restricted to a particular area and in many cases a far-distant one. It’s what happens to others. Yet, in our age of globalization, the economic effects of climatic extremes are not necessarily locally confined. They can reverberate throughout the world. What happens in a country that we are linked to by trade also happens to us, though of course to a lesser extent…


Macedonia Flood 2016 Photos: Pictures Of Devastation After Storm’s Torrential Rains

The bodies of 21 people were found Sunday after a torrential downpour hit Macedonian capital Skopje this weekend, flooding the streets and sweeping away parts of roadways. Several people were still missing Sunday.  The storm brought three-and-a-half inches of rain, a total that is more than the average rainfall for the whole month of august. Water levels reached as high as five feet in some areas, the BBC reports, trapping cars in mid and cutting off electricity to many homes. Pictures of the devastation can be seen below…



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