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Build disaster-proof homes before storms strike

Build disaster-proof homes before storms strike, not afterward

FEMA photograph by John Fleck taken in Mississippi. Wikimedia Commons

FEMA photograph by John Fleck taken in Mississippi. Wikimedia Commons

On Breezy Point in Queens, New York, construction will start soon on Diane Hellreigel’s new house. Dubbed the #HurricaneStrong Home, it will replace a house built in 1955 by Hellriegel’s grandfather that was wrecked during Superstorm Sandy in the fall of 2012.  The demonstration home was designed by private companies working with the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, or FLASH, a nonprofit coalition that promotes action to strengthen homes and prepare for disasters. It features a solid concrete foundation that elevates the living space above floods, and uses energy-efficient insulated concrete form (ICF) for the walls and floors designed to withstand wind and blown debris…


Malaysian, Indonesian armed forces to join hands in disaster relief

The Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) and its Indonesian counterpart are ready to cooperate in helping victims of natural disasters, especially in Asean countries.  ATM chief of Staff Lt General Datuk Seri Sabri Adam said cooperation with foreign armed forces could reduce the burden and cost in such operations.  “We face natural disasters of various kinds like floods and typhoons in Thailand and the Philippines as well as the tsunami in Acheh, Indonesia…

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