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Developing Employee Resilience in the Face of Workplace Disruption

Developing Employee Resilience in the Face of Workplace Disruption


As a technology industry analyst, I cut my teeth and traditionally wrote on technology issues. I’ve covered workplace collaboration for years and can geek out with the best of them. However, the modern workplace is undergoing rapid change due to digital disruption and transformation. The workplace is now very dynamic, which can lead to enormous amounts of stress for individuals and employees who are trying to navigate it. With employee engagement becoming an increasing focus in the past several years, stress has been a silent killer, causing disengagement and a negative workplace culture. So, how do we increase engagement by fostering organizational and individual resilience? How do we foster a positive workplace…


What if… A more resilient organisation meant a better today and a safer tomorrow? (VIDEO)

Presenter: Dr John Vargo

  • What is organisational resilience?
  • Is it just about responding to an earthquake or other disaster?
  • How does it relate to community and personal resilience?
  • What can you do today to make your organisation more resilient?

Resilience is the new black, the current buzz word. It’s the first annoying thing people say to Cantabrians if they mention they have been through the earthquakes. But is there more to resilience than the buzz and hype and what does it mean for organisations, companies, small businesses, government departments or NGO’s? This lecture will describe what organisational resilience is and why it is important to the current success (or not!) of your organisation. Resilience is not just about disaster preparedness. Based on nearly ten years of research by the Resilient Organisations Research Programme (, Dr Vargo will discuss why good day-to-day resilience practice can add to the “bottom line” as well as make you more prepared for a future crisis or disaster. This lecture will also look at the implications of effective organisational resilience on community and individual resilience and what steps you can take in your organisation to create a better today and a safer tomorrow. VIDEO


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