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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

‘Infrastructure can drive up disaster vulnerability’

‘Infrastructure can drive up disaster vulnerability’ says UN climate expert Collapsed bridges, unsafe power grids, interrupted water supply: Weak infrastructure can turn natural hazards into disasters. In an interview with … Continue reading

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Louisiana flooding: Economist predicts 1-year recovery; Honore says 8-10 years more realistic

Louisiana flooding: Economist predicts 1-year recovery; Honore says 8-10 years more realistic It will take a full year for areas of Louisiana to come back from the past week’s devastating … Continue reading

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How Australia needs to adapt to face the inevitable disruptions heading our way

How Australia needs to adapt to face the inevitable disruptions heading our way Australia may be a land of sweeping plains and rugged mountains ranges, but it’s increasingly a land … Continue reading

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 As earthquake death toll rises Italy questions why it was so unprepared Italy is once more facing up to its failure to protect people from seismic disaster, as the toll … Continue reading

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Storm of the Century?’ Try ‘Storm of the Decade’

Storm of the Century?’ Try ‘Storm of the Decade’ Last August, Hurricane Irene spun through the Caribbean and parts of the eastern United States, leaving widespread wreckage in its wake. … Continue reading

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Tourists desert Paris in wake of Islamic State terror attacks, costing it $1b

Tourists desert Paris in wake of Islamic State terror attacks, costing it $1b Islamist attacks have scared off thousands of tourists from Paris and its top attractions, helping rob the … Continue reading

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Italy earthquake leaves 37 dead

Italy earthquake leaves 37 dead, towns in ruins (CNN) — A strong, shallow earthquake hit central Italy early Wednesday, killing at least 37 people and leaving rescuers desperately digging through … Continue reading

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Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes central Italy

Earthquake strikes central Italy A magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck central Italy, collapsing buildings and leaving people trapped under rubble, Italian officials said.  The quake hit at 03:36 (01:36 GMT), … Continue reading

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Typhoon Mindulle lashes Tokyo

Typhoon Mindulle lashes Tokyo, heads north to Tohoku and Hokkaido Typhoon Mindulle lashed the greater Tokyo area on Monday, dumping heavy rain and leaving at least one person dead and … Continue reading

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The economic and human cost of America’s worst natural disasters

The economic and human cost of America’s worst natural disasters One of the most harrowing images of the recent flooding in Louisiana showed the rescue of a woman and her … Continue reading

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How Flood Victims Can Get Financial Help

How Flood Victims Can Get Financial Help It may take weeks before most residents of Baton Rouge, La. and the surrounding area can return to their homes and businesses following … Continue reading

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Amid Louisiana flood disaster, youngest bear mental scars

Roots Of The Sand Storms Are In America! While it is common to read analyses by scholars in which the rise of global terrorism is at least partially blamed on … Continue reading

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Struggling students are not ‘lacking resilience’ – they need more support

Struggling students are not ‘lacking resilience’ – they need more support It’s a buzzword in universities but what does resilience actually mean? Our overuse of the term may be causing … Continue reading

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California fire of ‘intensity never seen before’ forces thousands to flee

“Climate change affects everyone” It is important to seek solutions to displacement caused by climate change, because eventually it will affect all of us, says NORCAP-expert Yohannes Hagos Subagadis. This … Continue reading

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Building typhoon-resilience

  Business community launches first-ever disaster operations center While the majority of the Philippines sleeps, there are teams of people who are up, keeping watch over the country in case … Continue reading

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Three dead in ‘unprecedented’ southern US floods

  A Volcanic Eruption Hid a Critical Climate Signal for Twenty Years As our planet heats up, the pace of sea level rise is expected to quicken, making it harder … Continue reading

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Heating Up: Time to Reform FEMA

Over 600 Killed In Natural Disasters In China In July Over 600 people were killed in China last month due to floods, typhoons and a range of geological disasters which … Continue reading

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Trauma training for helping professionals to focus on resilience, not tragedy

An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming’s hellish curtain-raiser Record-shattering temperatures this summer have scorched countries from Morocco to Saudi Arabia and beyond, as climate experts warn … Continue reading

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16-year-old South African invents wonder material to fight drought

16-year-old South African invents wonder material to fight drought (CNN) — South Africa’s worst drought in recorded history has left eight of the country’s nine provinces in a state of … Continue reading

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Macedonia Flood 2016 Photos

Globalization has made our economies more vulnerable to climate change Extreme weather events – droughts, heatwaves, floods or storms – are typically pictured as something certainly devastating but restricted to … Continue reading

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Urban resilience? There’s an app for that

Urban resilience? There’s an app for that Informed by the academic discipline of ethnography and the gritty reality that life in the urban core is tough and short in resources, … Continue reading

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What next for cyber resilience?

What next for cyber resilience? Businesses are increasingly recognising cyber security and cyber resilience requires active and vigilant engagement by the board and senior executive team, and should not be … Continue reading

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The Four Best Weather Apps (Plus a Bonus for Storm Geeks)

Scientists have found a perfect illustration of how the climate is spiraling ‘out of control’ Several months ago, climate scientist Ed Hawkins made headlines with a stunning animated visualization of … Continue reading

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Maryland Flood Highlights Need for Climate Change Planning

Maryland Flood Highlights Need for Climate Change Planning This weekend, a historic flash-flooding event killed two people and caused massive destruction in Ellicott City, Maryland. The town received more than … Continue reading

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Planning for Disaster

Planning for Disaster Scandinavian design is going to war with climate change in New York City, but the battle hasn’t yet left Manhattan. Sometime next year NYC will break ground … Continue reading

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Build disaster-proof homes before storms strike

Build disaster-proof homes before storms strike, not afterward On Breezy Point in Queens, New York, construction will start soon on Diane Hellreigel’s new house. Dubbed the #HurricaneStrong Home, it will … Continue reading

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Insurance industry offers ‘unique’ resilience

  New Cyber Resilience Coalition Enhances Security Defense Black Hat Conference – Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced its Cyber Resilience Coalition (CRC), … Continue reading

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Japan just got hit by a 9.1 earthquake… that never happened

Japan just got hit by a 9.1 earthquake… that never happened Japan is well-known for its food, bonsai trees, and earthquakes. Luckily, it’s also the country that’s most prepared for … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Earl bears down on Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

NASA warns of asteroid that could hit Earth causing ‘immense suffering and death’ NASA scientists have issued a stark warning over an asteroid that could hit the Earth causing “immense … Continue reading

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Fears grow over danger of flooding around the UK as inquiry is shelved

Fast-moving wildfire near Big Sur spreads as more people are evacuated Crews continued on Sunday to battle a massive wildfire near California’s Big Sur that is threatening thousands of homes, … Continue reading

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Developing Employee Resilience in the Face of Workplace Disruption

Developing Employee Resilience in the Face of Workplace Disruption As a technology industry analyst, I cut my teeth and traditionally wrote on technology issues. I’ve covered workplace collaboration for years … Continue reading

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Swiss Re profit hit by disasters, lower returns

Xi: Disaster relief must be improved China must further improve its overall disaster relief ability in view of the frequent natural disasters it experiences, which often cause great damage, President … Continue reading

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