Amazon could face intense wildfire season this year, NASA warns

Take lessons from the past to stay better prepared for floods

We have seen it before, but tragically it happens over and over again. Rains and overflowing rivers have hit the north of Bangladesh hard by flooding villages and leaving many people marooned without shelter, supplies of food, or drinking water. The destruction of crops, seedbeds, and fisheries has affected hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Vital roads going under water means people cannot help themselves unless relief comes to them first. Bangladesh has always been a flood-prone country. The flooding of rural areas, and terrible water-logging in major cities, often bring life to a standstill, damage the economy, and bring misery to the entire population. We, as a nation, need to be better…


Amazon could face intense wildfire season this year, NASA warns


Conditions created by the strong El Niño event that warmed up Pacific waters in 2015 and early 2016 altered rainfall patterns around the world. In the Amazon basin, that meant reduced rainfall during the wet season, plunging some parts of the region into severe drought.  According to NASA, the Amazon is the driest it’s been at the start of the dry season since 2002 — and that probably means the rainforest is in for a particularly nasty wildfire season, according to Doug Morton, an Earth scientist with the U.S. agency and a co-creator of the Amazon fire forecast, which uses climate observations and active fire detections by NASA satellites to predict fire season severity…

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