Welcome to the ‘heat dome’

Welcome to the ‘heat dome’: no, you’re not going to evaporate

heat dome

Just a few weeks ago, the term “heat dome” may have evoked, if anything at all, thoughts of a rather bland Mad Max sequel. But the phrase is now being deployed to label a huge blob of heat that is encasing millions of Americans.  Although not an official term, a “heat dome” is created when high pressure in the upper atmosphere acts as a sort of lid, preventing hot air from escaping. Combined with high temperatures, this causes hot air to sink to the surface, causing further warming as it descends…


Urban explorers in Fukushima’s ghost towns – in pictures

Haunting images taken by photographer Keow Wee Loong, who with two friends sneaked into the ‘exclusion zone to explore four towns that were abandoned after the 2011 nuclear disaster…



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