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Radiation bombardment from ancient supernovae may have triggered climate change

Radiation bombardment from ancient supernovae may have triggered climate change


Shakespeare said that the fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves. Maybe, but scientists at the University of Kansas say that the stars might have some explaining to do. According to computer models, a pair of supernovae that exploded 300 light years away between 1.7 and 8.7 millions of years ago could have released radiation that seriously affected life on prehistoric Earth and may even have triggered an ice age…


Cloud records reveal evidence of climate change

Global cloud patterns have changed since the 1980s, and scientists have found these shifts are consistent with predictions from climate model simulations. By analyzing satellite records over the last 30 years, storm cloud tracks are shown to be moving toward the poles, the height of the highest cloud tops are increasing, and subtropical dry zones are expanding; changes that likely have a further warming effect on the planet…


Mobile phones help build climate resilience for Senegal’s farming communities

Famers in Senegal have long used traditional techniques to predict rainfall. But with climate change, new methods are needed. Climatic information sent by text message is now helping to boost yields…


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