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Workshop will help residents prepare for natural disasters

RIAs Look to Catastrophe Bonds for Returns and Diversification


Catastrophe bonds, insurance-linked securities tied to natural disaster have long been source of yield for alternative investment firms.  Now they’ve made it onto radar of U.S. wealth managers looking to deliver returns with relatively little risk…


Workshop will help residents prepare for natural disasters

The forces of nature that help make Hawaii an interesting place to live can turn deadly at the drop of a hat. The island has been washed with tsunami, wracked by earthquakes, hit head on by a tropical storm and brushed by hurricanes.  And there’s always the lava. It stopped on the very outskirts of Pahoa in 2014, and though it tends to move slowly, the 1950 Mauna Loa lava flows in South Kona and Ka‘u are proof the volcanoes can send thousands of tons of molten rock to the ocean in a matter of a few hours…

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