Is it safe to travel to Queensland, Australia?

Is it safe to travel to Queensland, Australia?

Year round sunshine, perfect surf and white sand beaches: How safe is it to travel to Queensland?  The land ‘down under’ attracts almost 700,000 Britons each year, who fly and flop to enjoy the sunshine, surf and sand…

However the country is also prone to natural disasters and with a terror attack thought to be inevitable, how can you stay safe?…


4 megatrends transforming the construction industry



Natural disasters are up, according to the report — three times as many occurred globally in 2015 than in 1980. Unfortunately, another extreme weather event on the scale of Superstorm Sandy potentially could put New York City underwater.  As these effects of climate change become the new normal, the construction industry needs to meet this challenge, given that 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to buildings according to the report. At the same time, half of all solid waste in the United States is produced by the construction industry, with little attention paid to the consequences so far. Construction needs to reduce its footprint now…

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