Are Engineers Neglecting Resilience?

Are Engineers Neglecting Resilience?


With 173 people killed, 414 injured, 2,100 homes destroyed and 7,562 people displaced, the Black Saturday bushfires which raged throughout Victoria in February 2009 were by far the worst natural disaster which that state had experienced in a long time.  Seven months later, a 25-page strategy document published by the Federal Attorney General’s Office focused entirely around resilience and disaster management yet mentioned the word ‘engineering’ only once and barely mentioned the role of the engineering profession in preparing for and managing natural disasters…


Lightning is a Bigger Killer than Earthquakes and Floods in India

In 2014, at least 2,582 people died in lightning strikes

  • Victims of lightning isn’t recognized by the national-level official disaster relief policy for providing proper compensation from the national calamity relief funds
  • Lightning strikes are going to get worse in the coming years due to global warming…

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